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Engineering Services

Developing our area's of expertise since 2000

Every engineering job we do is different and because were not just a straight machine shop you get the expertise of every single job we've completed before onto your unique job. Doing something different each day keeps us up to date and things interesting!

The Team at Blackbutt Engineering & Hydraulink Port Macquarie continue to work hard to develop an array of products and services specific to the areas of:

Heavy Plant Repairs

All heavy plant repairsMobile and workshop Repairs.

We repair almost everything - pins and bushes, hydraulic cylinders, hoses, pump seals, repairs to joysticks, everything mechanical - apart from motors.
Specialising in the industries of mining, plumbing, earth moving, hire agencies, handyman and construction.

WHS (OHS) Plant Inspections

OH and S Plant InspectionsSafety First

Periodic inspections and load testing of your equipment for piece of mind.

Design & Manufacture of Plant Equipment

Design and manufacturer of plant equipmentSpecialist Engineering.

Something we do everyday - from small modifications on equipment that doesn't work quite the way you want - all the way through to major modifications to get your job done.

We work with you and engineer and produce the solution to your unique problem.

Small Fabrication Welding

Small fabrication jobsWide range of welding services

Mobile welding and cutting, flux coated braising, soldering, oxy acetylene, MIG, stick, TIG and cast iron welding.

We also do heating, bending and cutting, gas axe, lime pit cooling and pipe bending.

Scheduled Yearly Servicing

We provide all your yearly scheduled servicingProactive Equipment Maintenance

Service the equipment that supports you. We provide yearly servicing to your plant and equipment, keeping your operation's servicing proactive instead of reactive.

Onsite Hose Repairs

We provide onsite hose repair of al typesOnsite and Field Hose Repair Service

Hydraulic Hoses, Crimping, Hose Truck, Hose Van, Fuel Hoses, Large and Small suction Hose, Exhaust Hose, Fuel Filler Hose, Hydraulic Fittings - just ask us - we can usually get it and fit it!

Filtering Systems

hydraulic filtering systems service and supportHydraulic Filtering Systems Servicing

We do everything from the supply of hydraulic pressure and return filters - right the way through to onsite tank filtering - empty tanks, clean tanks and put oil back in.

We also provide a filtration service where we will come out, plug our filter into your circuit and clean your oil.

Tea Tree Industry

We service the Tea Tree IndustrySupporting Local Tea Tree Growers

Everything from harvester Rebuilds to replacing Bearing Seals to general maintenance.

Hydraulic Valves & Rams

Hydraulic rams and valves servicingBest under pressure

Specialising in hydraulic valves and rams - we do the lot from making custom rams to servicing and rebuilds. If it needs doing fast and on budget - come and speak to the team at Blackbutt Engineering and Hydraulink.

Sand Blasting

Port Macquarie Sand BlastingPort Macquarie Sand Blasting

Did you know Blackbutt Engineering and Hydraulink also do Sand Blasting in the Port Macquarie Hastings?

Specialty Machining

Specialty Machine ShopWe got the equipment to get your job done

We produce up to 900mm diameter with up to 4meters long capacity. In addition, we do boring, drilling, tapping, thread machining, repetitive parts manufacturing, precision parts and measurements,

Repair & Maintenance Work

Repair and maintenanceYour one stop repair shop

We do everything from servicing plant to onsite maintenance - timber mills, quarries, roads, truss manufacturers - you name it. Anything broken down mechanically - apart from motors - we fix it. Bobcats, excavators, dingo, trencher, rotary hoe, gearboxes all the way through to safety inspections on mechanical equipment.

Onsite & Field Welding

onsite and field weldingWe come to you when you cant come to us

Oxy acetylene welding plus we also have a generator for everyday welding. Farmers with tractors and machinery, trucks with trailers broken down on the side of the road that need welding to keep going or for plant that needs welding before recovery.

Extensive Machine Shop

Blackbutt Engineering has an extensive machine shopWe love a challenge

Filling, grinding, taping large diameters and small button die, die grinding, cylinder bench, cutting machinery and drilling, cylinder rebuilds, ind hard chrome shafts, honed hydraulic tube, pistons, gland nuts, hydraulic seals, ratchets, clutches, motors, motor brakes and adjustments and more - just ask!

Auger Services

Blackbutt Engineering keeps your Augers CuttingKeeping your Augers Digging

Auger Building
Auger Flights
Auger Tips
Auger Cutters
Tungsten Carbide Tips

Mower Drum Sharpening

Blackbutt Engineering sharpen mower drumsKeeping you cutting

Tool Sharpening

Blackbutt Engineering sharpen your toolsWe do it all

Tool and Cutter grinding

Gear Manufacturing

Blackbutt Engineering Manufacture Gears of all sizesGears of all sizes

Gear Hobbing
Gear Tooths

Spray Painting

Spray PaintingIndustrial Spray Painting

Did you know we also do Spray Painting right here in Port Macquarie?

Engineering Products

Engineering ProductsProducts for the engineer

We stock Chrome strut stock - metric and imperial, large ad small black bar stocked, ind hard and hardened material, chains, lifting dee shackles, hammer locks, load cells, tested load weights, fork lift parts, jib, main basket, work at heights harnesses, carabena, ropes, wire cable, wire ropes, winch cables, lifting parts, lifting cable, hard hats and PPE.

Lubricants & Cleaning Products

Lubricants and Cleaning ProductsWide Range of Products

Local stockists for Hytec an Otech oils. Quicksmart cleaning products - truckwash, desgreaser, grease, spray cleaners, spray paints, parts cleaner cans,

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